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I used to write an advice column on Daughter of Delight called Daughter Dilemmas and still support this ministry of my amazing daughter-in-love, Elle Cardel. Find it here.

Find the archives from two years of answered questions here.

Here's a question from Week Two:




It’s tough to find a Godly man under any circumstances, but struggling with social anxiety may make it seem impossible. It is not impossible, Sister. God does want us to be happily married, if that’s our desire. But He also wants us to find completeness in our relationship with Him first. He doesn’t want us to believe the lies of the world that we aren’t complete without a husband. That way of thinking can only lead to more anxiety. We have a God-shaped hole inside us that we try to fill with all kinds of worldly things that never satisfy.  I urge you to pray that God will raise up a Godly man for you and put him in your path so that you absolutely trip over him. (Not literally. I mean, that he would be in an integral situation in your life, like work or church or carpool.) Also, you need to work on you. Speak with a pastor or counselor about your anxiety. Step outside your comfort zone by inviting close friends over to watch a movie or accepting invitations to go out with them. Build your confidence in tiny increments by setting weekly goals for yourself. Celebrate every goal you achieve! As, hopefully, your anxiety decreases, your opportunities to meet people will increase. And who knows? One of those people may be your future husband. God’s timing is perfect–but it sure is hard to wait. Fix your eyes on your relationship with Him and you’ll be surprised by the blessings that pour into your life. 













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