Meet Stephanie...

I was born and raised in the south, y'all. I got married at twenty, but I also owned a dance studio and graduated from college that year. So...not your typical twenty-year-old. We had three children that I homeschooled K-12, which was an amazing journey! 

When my youngest was in high school, I got serious about writing.

I had dabbled, writing skits and plays for church. I even had a complete manuscript. (It was awful, but you can't edit a blank page, right?) It took eight years of workshops and critique groups before I managed to snag a literary agent with a YA Christian Contemporary.

I write YA (Young Adult) and MG (Middle Grade).  I love all the genres: Epic Fantasy, Sci-fi, Contemporary, Magical Realism. All. The. Things.

I am still pre-published, but my foot is securely in the door! In the meantime, I guest write Daily Delights and  write a weekly advice column for the blog, Daughter of Delight. I continue to write new things--working on the next New York Times Bestseller right now! (It could happen.) AND I became a junior agent at Golden Wheat Literary, so I can help others realize their dreams of publication.

I've also had the pleasure of working on three film crews (If You're Gone, Be Still and Know, and Most Wonderful Time) with writer and director Brittany Goodwin and her production company. Check them out on Prime video or watch the trailers here. (I got to be in If You're Gone and Most Wonderful Time!) 

Write On, Y'all!