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Some writing mistakes are hard for a writer to spot in their own work. I hope to help get your manuscript submission ready with these critique and editing services. 

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Paste your first two pages

into your email with the

summary to

and I'll proof and critique

them free of charge and

without obligation to give you

a better of idea of how I can

help you improve 

your writing. 

If interested in any of the following, please email me at with a short summary. Put EDITING SERVICES in the subject line, so I don't miss it.


I am open to most genres, but do not want to work on manuscripts with explicit language, sex, gore, or child abuse. I will only take on a few projects each month and may turn down full manuscript edits or critiques due to excessive length or simply lack of interest in the summary. Editing services are separate from my work as an agent. Turn around time will be about three weeks but will vary based on length. 

Critique of first three chapters and full synopsis:

This may be all you need to learn why you aren't getting any full requests. I will make notes as I read looking for typos, telling, formatting issues, stakes, continuity, and more. You can take that information and apply it to the rest of your novel. 

Price: $150


Full manuscript critique 

If you don't think you can apply the instruction from a first-three-chapter critique, I will read the entire manuscript making notes on the same things listed above.

Price: $.01 per word 

(ex. .01 X 50,000 words = $500)

Full developmental edit

Not only will I make notes  as I read, I will give my analysis of  the story arc, character development, plot and pacing, and continuity. 

Price: $.015 per word

(ex. .015 X 50,000 words = $750)

Picture Book critique

I will make suggestions as I read, then give my analysis of plot and marketability. Since picture books are short, I will let you revise and send back for a second look.

Price: $50 

My editing services are NOT affiliated with my agent work. Getting it in front of me in this way because I'm closed to queries will not result in an offer of representation. That is against the code of ethics for agents. 

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