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I went on a cleanse diet. No sugar. No caffeine. No eggs or nuts or dairy or bread. Just fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, for twenty-one days. Longest three weeks of my life! But I did it. Then, I slowly reintroduced different foods into my diet to see if I had any sensitivities. It turns out processed foods and sugar, peppers, some onions, and citrus all upset my stomach and break out my rosacea acne.

But I like those things! It seems all our ailments can be traced to what we eat. It’s all about our gut. Now I know. I’ve been warned. I get it. And I cut back my intake of those things dramatically, but not completely, so I pay the consequences. I know the risks, but sometimes I choose to ignore them. (Because, come on, what is life without chocolate? I’m just saying…)

It's that way with sin too. No one lives perfectly. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But God keeps his promises. He also follows through with his curses. There are consequences for our sin. Always.

We are called to feed on Christ, fill our lives and hearts with Him.

We’ve been warned. Hell awaits those who turn from Him and fill themselves with this world, listening to the father of lies.

We can’t do it perfectly. Just like diets. Sin tempts us more than sugary snacks. We will give in. We will sin. But, if we are in Christ, if we have taken hold of a saving faith in him, God’s punishment for our sin has already been paid.

We are being transformed, sanctified, daily. As we transform, we will fix our eyes on Jesus more and more and let our eyes drift from him less and less.

How amazing it will be when the only thing I truly crave is the presence of my sweet Savior?

With love in Christ,


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