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It's Not Fair!

We like fairness. When someone loses a child or a neighbor’s house burns to the ground, we are sad, heartbroken for them. And even if we don’t say it out loud, we’re thinking, “That’s not fair.”

And that’s why I used to be puzzled by the book of Job. Because my God is so good. Why would he allow Satan to destroy Job’s life like that?

Because my God is so good.


You have to stop asking, “Why did this happen?” Because there is no answer to that question. Just like there is no answer to the question, “Why do I deserve mercy?”

Deep down we all think: I love God and show this with my good behavior and God loves me and shows it by giving me a good and happy life where all goes well.

But look at all the Godly people in the Bible. Abraham and David both suffered. Many of the disciples were imprisoned, crucified, beheaded. These were good, God-fearing men. If their behavior didn’t lead to a trouble-free life, why do I think mine should?

More importantly, what about Jesus? He lived a perfect life, without sin. Did he deserve to pay the price for all our sins? It wasn’t fair. When you remember that, how can you complain?

My assumption that it’s all about me and some teachable moment or punishment is false. Yes, it might teach me, it might be a consequence of something I did. Certainly, it is working to remake me more like Jesus and draw me closer to him. But everything that happens in this world is purposefully bringing glory to God and working all things out for when Jesus returns.

Sometimes, it’s not about me at all, and there’s just no way to understand it this side of heaven. Those are the times when we just have to rely on what we know: God is good. He is merciful. He saved me when I didn’t deserve it. This world is not my home. I will stop focusing on my pain and count my blessings.

With love in Christ,


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