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Love Is...

Once you feel that you are truly in sync with another person, everything clicks into place and you recognize true love. There are no doubts. You don’t want to imagine a future without that person in it. It’s just like when the Holy Spirit enters your heart. Your world is changed. But unlike the saving grace of the Holy Spirit, which is locked in forever, with human love, we have to lock it in. That’s what our marriage vows are for.

We say them. And we mean them when we say them. But we are not God. We are quick to anger and quick to speak. We are selfish and spoiled. We forget so easily. Marriages that last involve two human, fallible people that choose each other every day.

Song of Songs is a collection of love poems. It gets pretty hot up in there. It’s a celebration of sexual love inside the confines of marriage. It alludes to marriage being the strongest force in the human experience and sex as a gift from God only to be enjoyed within that strong of a commitment. A repeated refrain (2:7, 3:5, 8:4) warns against sexual activity until you’ve made that commitment.

The point is that physical love is a gift of God for us to experience another dimension of satisfaction in our marriage. And our marriage relationship is representative of the beautiful, perfect, unselfish, unspoiled relationship we (Christians) will have with Christ when He returns. It’s just a taste. All our human minds can comprehend.

Truly, that will be the most satisfying relationship we will ever know.

My sweet husband knows me as fully as anyone on this Earth can. He loves me enough to see past all my flaws to who I really am—the one who chooses him too, regardless of his flaws. Each day. Until death parts us.

When and if you are blessed to find that kind of love, sing the Song of Songs in joy until the Lord of Lords comes to make you complete in Him.

With Love in Christ,


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